The decentralized data layer for web3

Powerloom Protocol is a decentralized network that can serve customized insights and information on web3 data.


The power of data, without the middlemen

Focus on building

Compile rich applications using composable data points backed by consensus and cryptographic proofs

Connect confidently

Our ecosystem of peers is Incentivized by demand-driven data markets 

Compose onchain data sources 

Participants join via curation, snapshotting, indexing, and validation of data points
Powerloom Network Participants

Governance. Decentralization. Ecosystem.


Protocol security

Stakes tokens to secure the powerloom network

Ensures consistency of snapshots, dispute resolutions and other protocol rules


Data generation

Snapshot curated onchain data sources

Generate snapshots of varying complexities and submit to network for consensus

Consumers & Watchmen

Data consumption & health

Consumers suscribe to specific data markets according to their needs

Watchmen flag data sets with questionable accuracy

Powerloom Protocol DAO

Signaller & Curators

Data markets

Signaller identify & assign weight to important data markets. Demand drivers

Curators are responsible for developing the snapshotting logic for the data markets


Trusted by top Web3 investors

Power to the Protocols

Utility for the modern stack

Weave together cross-chain data

Composability ensures that your data is not limited by chain-specific libraries and SDKs that put the onus on developers and builders to compose and manipulate fundamentally differently structured datasets to arrive at aggregates and other useful information and insights. Instead, powered by flexible data models on Powerloom Protocol, you can weave together data sources across multiple smart contracts as well as multiple chains and only be concerned with the way you want to work on such data.

DeFi, GameFi and NFT insights

By incentivizing peers, a library of popular data market models, composable indexing and aggregation that adapts as your smart contract-based applications expand, the development time for DeFi, GameFi, NFT insights and analytics is significantly reduced

Community participation

Regardless of the nesting of compositions involved in generating indexes and aggregates over snapshots, every requested datapoint is backed by consensus with proofs anchored on secure, L1 chains. A validator ecosystem runs checks on these proofs and rewards and penalties are accrued on responsible peers as detected.

Verified, auditable and transparent datasets

Data markets can be established by curators and signalers through a DAO by offering bounties. This is beneficial and necessary for common goods protocols and their datasets. For example, a popular DEX like Uniswap v3 can be indexed by bringing together a small group of passionate individuals, developers, and decision makers familiar with the workings of the protocol at differing levels of abstraction.