⚒️ PowerLoom is now open to public!

Scaling trust as the first
verification primitive

PowerLoom Protocol aggregates on-chain and off-chain data to generate snapshots with cryptographic proofs in a decentralized manner. It aims to build trust and offer meaningful insights on demand through a rich ecosystem of peers and stakeholders that are incentivized to participate in the protocol.

Building Trust

PowerLoom Protocol brings decentralized accountability to popular protocols where actions and decisions are hidden behind a complex web of interactions between smart contracts and abstracted identity.

Meaningful Insights

Operators build on the core data snapshotting engine of PowerLoom and offer targeted insights on demand from institutional customers and other DAOs. This feature will be incentivized as well via a marketplace mechanism.


Every step of the process commits proofs on the chain through smart contract functions and offers a chronological, replayable trail of activity that can be independently audited.


We intend to follow battle tested consensus systems to prevent collusion between operators.

Backed by top crypto investors

Blockchain Capital
Protocol Labs
Fenbushi Filecoin Eco Fund
CMS Holdings
Consensys Mesh
Divergence Ventures
The Lao
Youbi Capital
Inclusion Capital
Privcode Capital (MXC)
Longhash Ventures
Double Peak Group