Pooler - UniswapV2 Data Market

Unleashing DeFi Data Potential with Pooler

Powerloom is reshaping DeFi data access with its innovative, community-focused, state-transition architecture, offering composable solutions for seamless data accessibility.

Data Points at
Your Fingertips

Pooler provides precise DeFi data like Total Value Locked, Trade Volume, and Liquidity Reserves, enabling informed decision-making.

highly customizable data for a wide variety of web3 use cases

Access and analyze custom data over any time frame, grouped as needed, tailored for your specific applications.

Incentivized Data Market Contributions

Capture key onchain data and events to enhance our ecosystem and earn rewards for your contributions.

Pooler - Uniswap v2 data market

Pooler is the codename for our Uniswap V2 dashboard within the Powerloom Protocol; it enables a data market for Uniswap V2-related data. See our existing implementation to understand how it works.

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    State-Driven Architecture

    Easy comprehension and seamless data modification. Access detailed aggregated data: TVL, trade volume, liquidity reserves, and more.

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    Composable Data Points

    Every data point is computed, updated, and synced across snapshotter peers for unmatched data reliability and integrity.

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    Rich History Access

    Beyond standard nodes. Powerloom uses decentralized storage networks to deliver a consistent, unified view of all historical data.